What are Gum Boils

You might have heard from your Eugene dentist about gum boils. What are they though? Well, they’re abscesses that develop on the gums, and they are painful and they minimally cause discomfort when eating and speaking. They are treatable, but prevention s key here. If you are conferred about this, continue reading on. If you notice that there is a bump or swollen area, and one that is redder as well, that could be causes for concern as well.

Now, what causes this? Well, it develops when there are food particles, bacteria, and plaque under the surface of the gums that trigger infection. Those with gum disease definitely should consider this to be a problem, and often, if you have any sort of infection of disease, this can be a big factor in it. You might notice that there are pockets as well that are happening here. You might also notice it when tooth decay starts to form as well. Proper dental hygiene can go a long way to preventing gum boils, so you should definitely watch out for this as well.

Now, in addition to this, it is possible for tooth decay to cause a gum boil to form. When it progresses, the nerves of the tooth die and trigger an infection. The body then responds to the infection by rushing white blood cells to the area, which then causes the swelling, and then the gum boil.

If your immune system is weak, you have a much greater risk for developing this. While this is true for all bacterial infections if you got a compromised immune system, you need to pay attention to your oral health and other risks, since this does affect it all. You should also watch out for any temporary immune system weakening, since these can happen for many reasons. If you do notice this, you should try to boost the immune system.

Now, oral cancer can also form in this way. While it typically affects the tongue or lips, it can affect the gums. This is why if you have a gum boil, you should see the dentist, because it’s better to rule out cancer than anything else. While it is pricy, you should definitely get this done.

Now, you might wonder what some of the symptoms of gum boils are. Well, they can include gum swelling, pain beneath the tooth in the root, bad breath, bleeding, a discharge of pus, redness of the gumline, or the appearance of what seems to be a blister or a bump on the gum line. It might also cause fevers, chills, and vomiting, because it is caused by an infection, which means that it can spread. You might notice that you’re feeling nauseous or losing your appetite when you have one of these.

Now, it is possible for it to go away and then come back. If that does happen, it can mean that you need something stronger or a different antibiotic. Some women develop them during pregnancy too, so it isn’t something of worry when that happens, but rather it’s a fluctuation of hormones. Typically, these go away once the baby is delivered, but if it is worse, then you should work to remove the boil.

Now, there are a couple of treatments for it too. If it does develop, caused by poor oral health, you might get a deep cleaning to get rid of the bacteria. This can be costly and painful, and usually takes a few trips. If it is because of tooth decay, you might need a root canal, since it can help with the treatment. You also might get it removed with surgery, or by antibiotics. You might get them from ill-fitting dentures as well to help prevent gum friction.

All in all, if you notice that you’re suffering from this, don’t let the pain get you down. This is in fact a serious issue, and something that you should consider getting treatment for, so go see your Eugene dentist for further help, and you’ll be able to, from there, make the most out of your situation, and from there, make your life a whole lot better for you as well.


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